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Hypnotherapy should not be confused with the entertainment form of Hypnosis (Somnambulism). It enables the client to obtain a deep state of relaxation, during which they are assisted in changing life limiting patterns of behaviour such as stopping smoking, weight reduction and much more.


MINDFULNESS allows us to really live in our most natural and comfortable state. By adopting some very simple practices we can regain our sense of well being, get back in touch with ourselves and feel more connected to the world around us.

Through your own new found skill of openness and non-judgemental acceptance you will be able to use all of your senses to achieve whatever you desire. REDUCE WEIGHT, BREAK HABITS and so much more OR JUST BECOME MORE CONTENT AND HAPPY. It’s like coming home AND LOVING IT!

If you would like to learn more about MINDFULNESS you can book a FREE CONSULTATION with Marian Terry. You have nothing to loose and EVERYTHING TO GAIN!


N.L.P. involves exploring with the client their own belief systems and coping strategies and allows the therapist via a language based form of hypnotherapy, to help identify any pattern which the client would like to change and to effect the changes quickly and permanently. N.L.P. may help with fears of public speaking, interviews and unwanted habits such as nail biting, binge eating, fears, phobias and much more.

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprogramming (E.M.D.R.)

E.M.D.R. replicates the REM sleep eye movement which is a dream state natural to us during which we release stress. In a conscious state it allows the therapist to significantly help the client reduce anxiety and release trauma and may help lift depression, traumatic past memories, recurring relationship problems and many other issues.


Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as the Tapping Technique, stimulates by tapping the acupuncture points of the face and upper body whilst the identifying a specific issue with which the client identifies, for example addictive eating patterns. It is effective by distancing the client in a non emotional way from the identified behaviour, allowing a permanent change to take place.


This four session programme leads the client through the process of reducing weight, culminating in a two part hypnotic induced session where the client is lead through the belief of an operation which shrinks the size of the stomach without the dangers associated with a physical surgery. This allows the client to successfully reduce her size without the feeling of extreme hunger, retraining them into a healthier eating pattern.